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Shoreline Restoration

Prevent Erosion on Your Property

When it comes to coastal management for shorelines and seawalls in West Michigan, restoration and protection go hand in hand. There are also a variety of methods that can be used to not only restore and protect, but also enhance a seawall.

Low wave energy environments may only require a bit of vegetation as buffers, while those with high energy waves, especially those that cause erosion, may need a revetment or bulkhead. A revetment is a sloped structure placed at the foot of a cliff or seawall as a form of protection against erosion caused by the energy as result of incoming waves or water. Living shorelines are another possibility. A living shoreline is a soft technique utilizing natural or organic materials to control erosion and flooding.

We typically use rip rap for our West Michigan lakeshore restoration. Rip rap is a type of retaining wall that consists of a layer of fieldstone boulders placed on top of waterproof fabric. The purpose of rip rap is to ensure that your lakeshore is protected from erosion, yet still appealing and natural in appearance. Rip rap is durable and long-lasting, essentially for a lifetime when maintained properly. If you live near calmer waters, we may use a different type of seawall.

What Equipment Do You Use for Shoreline Restoration

Industrial rip rap installation requires construction equipment, like cranes; however, utilizing a landscaper for your rip rap installation ensures that your yard remains secure and protected from the modalities used by typical contractors. Rip rap may be hand placed or assembled by hand and through the use of a wheelbarrow.