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Keep your family safe from hazardous elements.

Better Snow and Ice Management means that your West Michigan property will be safer for you and your family. During the winter months let us keep the snow and ice under control. We are always prepared for whatever the “lake effect” throws at us! Lake effect snow is produced when cold air moves across warm lake water, creating around two to three inches of snow per hour. Whether your home is being affected by our beautiful shoreline’s chilling lake effect, or snow is just falling during winter as usual, trust in use to safely and swiftly clear your paths of frost and ice.

Same-day Snow Removal Services

We provide same day snow removal. Same day snow removal is important in order to abide by state laws. Certain cities in West Michigan have ordinances in which snow must be removed within 48 hours, or else the city can clean up the snow  for a hefty fee. Another Michigan statute states that you cannot “deposit or cause to be deposited snow, ice, or slush onto or across the roadway, or on the shoulder of the roadway that obstructs the safety vision of a driver.” This means that you can’t just drive off into the streets with snow covering your car because it may slide off and cause hazardous conditions. The same goes from removing snow from your driveway. You cannot place snow on the sidewalks or in the streets, blocking other’s paths or creating hazardous conditions. 

We typically remove snow in the morning because it will still be frozen. During the afternoon, snow will have melted some, making the area more slippery and dangerous. Also, there will be less traffic in the morning, making it safer for both you and your neighbors.

The amount of time it takes to remove snow is wholly dependent on the extent of snow that’s fallen as well as the size of your driveway. There is an average of 11,500 snow shoveling-related injuries each year, which is why you may want to consider hiring the professionals from Forest View Executive Services. There are many benefits to hiring a professional snow removal service, such as safety, speed and efficiency of work, and convenience.


Forest View Executive Services offers parking lot and sidewalk snow removal services, so that your business abides by state law. We are also capable of snow plowing loader stacking, and hauling off-site salt applications, as well as utilizing liquid de-icer apps. Liquid de-icer is growing in popularity due to being an environmentally friendly salt product that is sprayed on top of snow for removal purposes. De-icers are most effective before a snowstorm and best used as a snow mitigation measure.

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