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Forest View Executive Services finds landscaping solutions for any size property – or budget.


Trusted landscaping services in West Michigan

A well-maintained lawn is the pride and joy of some homeowners, but they may not have the time to keep their yard looking at its best. Allow the crew at Forest View Executive Services to manage your lawn, so that all you need to do is sit back and relax. Browse out full list of West Michigan lawn services below.

Lawn Maintenance & Fertilizing 

Keep your lawn looking fresh and clean cut! Forest View Executive Services offers weekly mowing services, spring and fall clean up, and much more!

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Services 

Weekly Mowing Fertilizing Spring and Fall Cleanup Ornamental Landscape Pruning Light Tree Trimming Mulch and Stone Installation Please Contact us TODAY for additional information!

Irrigation System Installation & Maintenance

Simplify Watering your Lawn and Landscape You may have the most attractive lawn in town, but it won’t stay that way without care – including watering. Let Forest View Executive Services install your new sprinkler system, or troubleshoot and maintain your existing system.


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What is Hydroseeding?

Also called hydromulching or hydraulic mulch seeding, hydroseeding is a type of planting process in which a slurry, or mixture of solids, in this case seed and mulch, are used to create a lush living lawn. Hydroseed grass tends to sprout after 5-7 days and can grow up to 3 inches within a month. Spring is the most common season for hydroseeding in West Michigan because summer’s warmth assists with germination, allowing grass to grow faster. Once hydroseeding is complete, you’ll need to wait a day for the tackifier to set before watering.

Please note, hydroseeding should not be performed over an existing lawn. If you’d like to add more grass to your existing lawn, we suggest overseeding, in which the seed is spread over the grass and pressed into loose soil with a rake.

The Benefits of Hydroseeding

Hydroseed won’t wash away in heavy rain as it’s made of wood fiber and glue that bonds to soil. The hydroseeding process also covers your lawn evenly and retains moisture and fertilizer to grow into a lush outdoor space. Hydroseed is non-toxic and is easy to work with.

Mulch Installation

Mulch is a substance placed over soil to retain moisture, prevent weeds from propping up, and make your yard look more appealing. Mulch is made up of a variety of organic materials including grass clippings, straw, leaves, hay, bark, woodchips, and so on.

Mulch lasts around five years, but varies depending on the type of mulch and area in which you live. When it comes to west Michigan landscapes, mulch will typically last around five years, but more may need to be added intermittently as it naturally breaks down.

How is Mulch Maintained?

Mulch gradually breaks down and adds nutrients to your lawn’s soil; this allows you to add a layer of new mulch above the old. Adding new mulch also covers any fading that may have occurred. Mulch all naturally loses its color after a few months or so.

You’ll also need to mix and turn mulch every season. This is done to break up mulch so that it doesn’t become compacted. You may also be disappointed to find the occasional weed growing through the mulch. If this is the case, pull the weeds and add more mulch to your lawn.


We love showing off our West Michigan landscaping projects because we pride ourselves in results that are both beautiful and functional. If you’re interested in seeing our previous works, check out our photo gallery and read through the list below, which outlines common hardscape services the experienced team at Forest View Executive provides.