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West Michigan Property Management Services

Making your home safer while you’re away

If you’re in need of property management while you’re out on the town or out of town on a business trip or vacation, Forest View Executive Services can protect your home from West Michigan’s harsh elements. We can bring furniture indoors in case of rain, snow, or even sunshine if you’d like to prevent outdoor fabric from fading. We are also experienced at winterizing homes in case you’ll be gone all season long.

What Does Winterizing a West Michigan Home Entail?

Winterizing is when vacant homes are serviced so that plumbing can endure freezing temperatures, such as those during winter months. Winterizing involves cleaning ice from gutters, which can cause the gutter system to tear away from your home and possibly damage the roof siding, draining pipes, which can burst in freezing temperatures, and weather-stripping windows or doors to prevent cold air from coming through.

Other tasks that can be performed to winterize your home include cleaning the yard of debris, storing away hoses, and taking care of trees by removing dead branches, so they don’t fall due to the weight of ice or snow and damage the property.

When homeowners are gone for long periods of time during frigid winters, it’s imperative to have someone watch over your home to prevent damage caused by the elements. This allows a homeowner to have an ally prepared to inspect the home for any areas that may cause issues and fix any potential hazards they may find.

Forest View Executive’s winterizing process is an all-encompassing West Michigan property management service to prepare and protect your home during winter months. As stated earlier, winterizing not only involves a bit of yard work, but also plumbing, and other maintenance efforts to make sure that the cold doesn’t enter your vacant home.